Who we are

Castaway Pit Bull Rescue is not a shelter. We do not have a compound or a shelter facility like many county run animal control facilities do. We are not funded by the ASPCA, or any other government organization.

We ARE a small group a people who have dedicated much if not all of their time, energy and funds into saving a breed we all truly love and don’t want to see euthanized everyday for no reason other than breed.
We miss family events, dinners, parties, etc, to take care of dogs we own and dogs we are fostering until they have found forever homes. Our houses are destroyed constantly by dogs, our belongings are chewed up daily and if there are any square feet in any of our houses that haven’t been marked by dogs- they will be eventually!

Why do any of us let this amount of mental, financial, and emotional stress to take over most of our lives?
Because we love Pit Bull Terrier’s and knows a pair of shoes (or 7) can be replaced while their lives cannot!

We do not support the dumping of Pit Bulls by owners for reason’s like;

  1. We’re moving and can’t take the dog
  •   Perhaps you should have considered your dog before you decided to move? You spend hours worrying about your new house, what schools your kids will attend in you new city, or what stores will be near you new home. Would you leave your children behind if they weren’t convenient for you to move?

2.  He/she destroys the house when we’re gone

  •  Have you tried using a crate for your dog(s)? It is highly dangerous to leave ANY dog out while no one’s home.

3. We’re breeding the parents and a puppy was born with a disability so it can’t be sold

  • Disabilities are common in over bred and inbred dogs, you should have done some research before you chose to make cash cows out of your dogs.

4.We don’t have enough time for him/her anymore

  •  Really?  You can’t make time in your day for 1 dog?
  • Try having 6-14 dogs and 6 cats in your house at one time, plus having to work, clean, and make sure every dog you have in your custody is mentally and physically stimulated everyday so that dog fights and other behavioral issues don’t happen.
  • Some of us do this every single day, but none of us have decided that our dogs are disposable yet. The day that happens, we’ll quit rescuing dogs.